Are you a New Trucker, Trucking or Logistic Company?

Are you a New Trucker, Trucking or Logistic company? Start 2019 off right and stay in compliance all year round! We specialize in financial services for trucking companies and independent truckers. We will complete your monthly taxes, bookkeeping and compliance filings for your new trucking company. You and your business will save hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding late filing fees, charges, interest and penalties. You can then use this money to reinvest back into your business to help it grow.

Our Tax, Accounting & Compliance  Subscription is TRUCK fULl of services: 

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  • Certified Accountants

  • DOT Compliance Registrations

  • Monthly bookkeeping

  • Fuel taxes

  • IFTA taxes

  • 2290 heavy-duty taxes

  • Estimated taxes

  • Year-end taxes

  • Previous tax years

Call us if you need more information on the entire package. Services can also be purchased separately. Call and ask for Rick directly at 1-866-801-3359. Please call back if the line is busy.

Don't drown in paperwork, if you don't have to. Our bundled services will save you time and money. We are cost efficient and fast. We know trucking!

UCS Financial Services